Most Points And Top Picks In Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League | Most Points And Top Picks
Fantasy Premier League | Most Points And Top Picks

Most Points And Top Picks In Fantasy Premier League

With the Premier League well underway, your fantasy league team might not be shaping out as to be as good as you thought it would be. Fortunately, you can make changes to your team after you’ve entered, like unlimited free transfers before the next deadline is an option.

Based on current points, here are the top picks so far.


  • Sergio Agüero - Manchester City’s Sergio Agüero is the best fantasy league forward right now, with 52 points. As one of the more expensive forwards, he might set you back quite a bit, but he’s definitely worth it. He’s been in great form so far, and his performance is not expected to dip anytime soon.
  • Callum Wilson - Callum Wilson falls just behind Agüero with 49 points. He might prove to be more profitable in the long run, however, as he can be bought for £6.4m. He is a crucial player for Bournemouth. Wilson has shown potential and got better every year. Following close behind are Alexandre Lacazette, Harry Kane and Aubameyang, with 48, 45 and 43 points respectively.


  • Eden Hazard - It comes as no surprise that Chelsea’s winger is a top pick among several fantasy league players. With 74 points amassed so far, Eden Hazard holds the top spot for the most number of points in the Fantasy League, considering all positions. Just amongst the midfielders, Eden Hazard has a massive 20 point lead. He’s in excellent form, and is one of the top contenders for the Golden Boot, and is predicted to score more than 200 points.
  • Raheem Sterling - Sterling is next on the list of defenders, with 50 points. Sterling is an indispensable player for Manchester City, and with his ability to adapt, and his pace, he is a real threat in the midfield. Sterling is on the pricier side but has the potential to rake in quite a few points this season. Following close behind is Ryan Fraser form Bournemouth and Liverpool’s Sadio Mané with 48 points each, priced at £6.0m and £9.9m respectively.


  • Marcos Alonso - As of now, Marcos Alonso sits comfortably at the top of the table, 10 points ahead of his closest competitor. He’s a fantasy favorite this time around. Alonso is a commendable defender and has good potential for assists, and he has certainly proved his worth at Chelsea over his career, and he has had a good start to this season. For £7.0m, he’s the most expensive defender right now.
  • Andrew Robertson - Andrew Robertson is next in line, with 49 points. He didn’t have much of a chance to prove himself last season, but this time around, things will be different, as he’s the Red’s first-choice left-back, and he’s great with assists. Only projected to get better as the league progresses, he’s a steal for £6.3m. Matt Doherty is tied with Robertson at 49 points but is worth just £4.7m. Next is Tottenham’s Kieran Trippier with 46 points, and £6.3m.


  • Ederson - The Man City goalkeeper has the top spot, unsurprisingly. His price has gone up since the start of the season, and he’s now worth £5.7m with 43 points. The City has enjoyed an undefeated streak so far, and this, in no small extent, has to do with Ederson’s goalkeeping efforts.
  • Rui Patricio - Like most newly promoted clubs, fans are still unsure about the Wolverhampton Wanderers. But Rui Patricio has established himself as a top quality keeper. The Wolves don’t have the best defense in the league, so a lot of responsibility lies in his abilities. Crystal Palace’s Wayne Hennessey comes in 3rd with 39 points and £4.6, followed by a slightly costlier Alisson Becker, with the same number of points.


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