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Enjoy sports? Then why not try betting in your favorite games without the fear of losing?

Sports betting has become a widespread phenomenon globally! And, betting is no longer based on mere guesses. Sports betting offers vast returns to bettors who take calculated risks.

To take a calculated risk, you need the accurate tips!

There are plenty of online betting sites that provide tips to bettors to bet online!

But sportstrade.io beats its competitors by offering a sports betting tips marketplace with minimal losses!

sportstrade.io is a marketplace for betting tips that were established in 2016 with the objective to equip tippers to select tips easily. It is the first betting tips marketplace that provides tipsters data such as live-scores, live-odds, etc. We not only enable transactions but also help in tracking every tip suggested by tipsters. We offer a variety of tips to bet on sports in different parts of the world.

We provide match previews, live scores, past results, match fixtures, tipster’s comparison, head to head analysis and predictions. This platform offers you performance tracking with the help of metrics such as performance statistics, graph and records table.

We provide sports tip prediction for different types of sports. But one of the most popular games for which our betting tips are sought is soccer. Our team provides some of the best soccer betting tips. Enjoy safe betting on soccer with our soccer bet predictions.

We provide entirely transparent services. You can monitor the purchased tips with live scores and live odds. When you bet with us, you stand to gain. We have a community of tipsters who have been selected after careful vetting. These experts offer reliable tips that help you bet on any sport of your choice.

We keep abreast with technology offering you a platform that can be opened on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile. We have a team of experts whom we have selected after serious vetting. You can rely on our tipsters for the best sports betting tips.

Over the years we have emerged as the best sports tipping website globally!

Why Choose Us

  • We can help you monitor your purchased tips with full exposure on live scores and live odds
  • We have a team of experts that you can trust and rely on
  • With us, you can keep a complete track record of the tipsters
  • We have a responsive website adjusting to various channels, i.e., the desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile
Sponsorship & Advertising

We have an efficient advertising team at CapperTech Private Limited. We have associations with companies that provide serious coverage of sports on the internet. There are many advertisers and sponsors from different sectors.

Editorial Feedback

We aim at becoming the leading destination for sports betting tips marketplace for soccer fans. We appreciate any feedback on our services and sites. We are open to suggestions for any improvement. Also, our team is always there to answer all your queries and doubts. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with the editorial team.

Technical Support

Our professionals are experienced and well-qualified. In case you have any technical questions regarding our site, you can email us providing URLs at support@sportstrade.io.; sportstrade.io. is divided into channels. Each channel enables you to move around using the vertical menu.

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