Teams To Get Relegated In The Premier League This Season

Teams To Get Relegated In The English Premier League This Season
Teams To Get Relegated In The Premier League This Season

Teams To Get Relegated In The Premier League This Season

Article last updated on 23rd of April 2019


Relegations, at times, can be difficult to predict, but the future of some teams looks a little bleaker than some others. But every premier league season, one team or another ends up surprising everyone, either by doing much better than expected when we all speculated that they would be relegated or by ending up in the bottom when we all thought that they would do much better.

Take Watford for example. Many believe he would end up somewhere towards the bottom of the table as he has had a perfect opening, winning their first four games in a row. Or like the time when the majority expected Wolves to go down.


Cardiff City

Cardiff City is slowly sinking deeper into relegation trouble. The team, with Neil Warnock and all their new signings, seem more suited for the Championship, rather than Premier League. Being a newly promoted team, the league might just prove to be a little different from what they're used to.

Several are of the opinion that even making into the Premier League under their current management is an achievement in itself. Cardiff City would most likely remain at the bottom this year. All they can do is put their best foot forward, and if they do go down, do so with dignity.

Huddersfield Town

Huddersfield Town had a decent run last year, and they have quite a few talented players, but just this might not be enough. They missed out quality signings this transfer window, and when compared to the other clubs in the league that have a primary focus on strengthening their teams, Huddersfield falls short.

After scoring only 28 goals last season, they would have to work quite hard to avoid relegation. They managed to survive last year, but may not make it past the season this time.

They haven't had a great run so far, and they've pretty much stayed right at the bottom of the table for most of the league. Can't really blame them, they have some stiff competition. But at this point, relegation is inevitable.

Fulham FC

This was the first time in four years that Fulham FC qualified for the Premier League. Unfortunately, as of now, their immediate future looks unfavorable. The club has been hovering around the bottom of the table for a while now. With hopes to turn things around, head coach Claudio Ranieri was recently replaced by Scott Parker, who intends to make some big changes.

Ranieri had a short run with the Cottagers, having served as their manager for only 17 games. He was sacked after a 2 - 0 defeat against Southampton a while ago. The Italian football manager was not all to blame, as he walked into a rather difficult situation to start with.

Regardless, the next few fixtures are going to integral for the club, as the threat of relegation looms closer and closer every day. Hopefully, for them, Parker, who understands the team, will be able to turn things around. Fulham FC has confirmed relegation in the Premier League since.


Brighton is one of those teams that are likely to be tottering on the relegation borderline this Premier League. They signed plenty of players this summer that could make a good impact, but will the new additions be good enough? According to several tipsters, the answer is no.

They too might struggle during the second season. Mark Huges may not be able to bring out Brighton’s full potential this season, and that could spell danger for the team.

While they seem to have no problems with their defense, it's their attacking side that could use some improvement. They’ve had some trouble finding the net this season. If they can manage to improve attacking and score a few goals during their upcoming fixtures, they could be able to save themselves from relegation.


Southampton too is in danger of slipping into the relegation zone. January wasn't a great month for them, they lost out on some key players, and missed out on signing any new players to replace them this winter transfer window, which could spell doom for the club.

A few extra players could have bought in some much-needed stability to the club, to fill in those gaps. They, however, can turn things around. All they have do is buck up and do the best they can and hope for other clubs to do worse.


Yet another club that's on the verge of relegation is Burnley. They've been failing quite well of late, but the truth is, they've been lacking, both on the attack and defense departments. They didn't have the best start to the season, and they still haven't been able to compensate for these initial losses.

With a couple of matches left, they still have the chance to play in the Premier League next season. They have some difficult matches coming up, against some big names - Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal. But their recent 2-1 triumph against Tottenham proves that they have the potential to be a Premier League team.

Their imminent fate lies on their immediate performance, and several fans will be hoping that they stick it out just enough to make it back to the Premier League next season.

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