Finding Sports Betting Experts

How Would You Find Sports Betting Experts?
Finding Sports Betting Experts

Finding Sports Betting Experts

A sports betting expert is a bettor who specializes in a sports discipline, even in a specific championship or league. These betting experts or tipsters often sell their forecasts. If we subscribe to the services of a good tipster, this should allow us to earn around 20 units each year. Let's remember that a betting unit is the amount of money you invest in each wager. Every disciplined gambler invests between 1% and 5% of their bankroll each time.

What does this mean? If you follow four real betting experts, you will earn 80 units every year on average. If your bankroll is $ 1000, you could handle a unit of $ 30 (3% of your capital). So, why doesn't everyone make a lot of money by following betting experts? The truth is that 90% of the supposed "experts" you will find on the Internet are not acceptable. In the long run, they won't lead you to earn money. Anyone can say on the Internet that he is a great tipster and an expert in some sport. But figuring out who is isn't that easy.

How can you find a trustworthy sports betting expert?

Rule # 1: Analyze his results.

The betting expert should allow you to evaluate his betting history. There you must see his ROI, his Yield, besides his hit rate. Nothing should be hidden. If he had a negative month, this should appear in his historical results. A good tipster must show a history of 400 or more bets. Less of that will not be enough to evaluate him. Moreover, his return over investment (ROI) should be around 5% or better.

Rule # 2: Evaluate the tipster's behavior.

The tipster has to demonstrate serious and professional conduct. He should frequently update his earnings balance without counterfeiting and reply promptly every time you contact him. The next step is to follow this tipster for a month or two with very moderate bets. If your trial confirms that he is a good tipster, bet hard and start earning money.

Rule # 3: This expert must be easy to follow.

You must be sure that you can easily follow the expert. He should send his forecasts at convenient times for you and with some time in advance. Likewise, remember that a real betting expert will try to find the "value bets," which will depend on the betting odds. So, if you can't get the same odd as the tipster, it might not be worth following him. If you find a legitimate betting expert, you will recover his subscription cost, and you would even earn money.

Where To Find Betting Experts?

These experts can be found through internet search engines. There are also outstanding betting social networks sites. Besides, you can search for experts in betting platforms like Sportstrade. This website offers the advantage that the tipster cannot falsify their results. On the other hand, it is vital to have friends who enjoy betting like you. They'll surely tell you if you should trust a particular tipster.

In any case, you must be vigilant and remember the rules that we already mentioned.

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