English Premier League Golden Boot

2020 English Premier League Golden Boot
English Premier League Golden Boot

English Premier League Golden Boot

One of the battles that took place in the last days of the 2019-2020 English Premier League season was that of the leading scorer. The race to win the Premier League Golden Boot was defined on the last date on the calendar in favor of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy. Vardy reached that date with a two-goal lead over Southampton player F. C. Danny Ings. By the end of the day, Vardy had claimed the award for the first time in his career. In the previous two seasons, Vardy had finished fourth and fifth in the Golden Boot race. But, the 2019-2020 season would be Jamie Vardy's opportunity.

The Fight For The Premier League Scorers' Leadership

If somebody pretended to snatch the Premier League strikers' leadership to Vardy would need an extraordinary performance in his last match. So, it looked like Vardy would get this prize with ease. Yet, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Danny Ings wouldn't make things that easy for Vardy.

At the final season date, Aubameyang would score as soon as at the minute number 5 a penalty-goal against Watford. Twenty-eight minutes later, he would score again to place himself at only one goal from Vardy. It seemed like Aubameyang would ruin the Vardy's party by repeating what he did the season before. Back then, he tied with Liverpool attackers Mane and Salah to share the golden boot. Meanwhile, Danny Ings kept his name on the race by scoring through a penalty shot to help Southampton to defeat Sheffield United. However, in the end, neither Ings nor Aubameyang reached Vardy, and he could celebrate his first title as scorers' leader.

Vardy built his success on a remarkable scoring streak between the dates number nine and sixteen. In this lapse, he showed his best form by getting 11 of his 23 goals. His major scoring exhibition was a hat-trick when Leicester trashed Southampton as visitors by 0-9. Besides, he achieved two goals in 5 matches more.

The final scorers' standing was the following:

  • Vardy (Leicester City) – 23 goals
  • Aubameyang (Arsenal) and Danny Ings (Southampton) – 22 goals
  • Sterling (Manchester City) – 20 goals
  • Salah (Liverpool) – 19 goals
  • Kane (Tottenham) and Mané (Liverpool) – 18 goals


Jamie Vardy's contribution to the Leicester City campaign

After having this positive scoring streak, Vardy experienced a slump between the dates number 19 and 25. However, his impressive performance during the first season half not only boosted him as the scoring leader. This also helped his team to get a place in the next UEFA Europa League. We must have in mind that Foxies won every match during that Vardy's scoring streak. Even more, they won 14 out of the 16 matches where Vardy reached a goal.

Moreover, he added five assists to his attacking production. So, he participated in almost half of the Leicester City goals in this Premier League season. It passed four years since that unforgettable Leicester's season in which they surprised the football world reaching the Premier League's title. On that occasion, He scored 24 goals being at only one goal left from leader Harry Kane. Since then, Vardy scored ten goals or more every season. Therefore, this is a much-deserved prize for a 33-years old player who has shown to be a very consistent attacker.

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