Most Popular Football Betting Strategies

Some Of The Most Popular Football Betting Strategies
Most Popular Football Betting Strategies

Most Popular Football Betting Strategies

Teams use a variety of football betting strategies to win football games. The same is true in the sports betting world. Each process is applicable to different markets and involves various risks. However, to beat the sportsbooks and be profitable as a bettor, it is essential to develop football betting strategies that fit your style. In this sense, here we bring you the most popular types of bets among football bettors.

Football Betting Strategies Most Used By Bettors


1. Placing Value Bets On The Match Winner

Expert bettors always try to apply this strategy. It is about detecting the so-called "value bets." It is about finding bets in which we consider that the odd the bookie offers is more significant than it should be. This implies that the occurring probability you estimate for that result is greater than that estimated by the bookie.

Opportunities like these can usually be found in leagues of little international renown or from countries different than the one of the bookmaker. In the long term, it is the most promising option to earn money.

2. Bets On Total Goals (Over / Under)

This is one of the most used by football bettors. The objective is to predict if the number of goals scored will exceed or be below a certain value. This applies for a period that can be the 90 minutes of a match or for any of the match halves. This value is expressed in decimal numbers such as 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc. If you bet on Under 2.5 in a match, you will win your bet if it ends with two goals or less on the board. If 3 or more goals are scored, you will lose the bet.

3. Draw Betting Strategies

Bookies generally assign relatively high odds to draws. This is because it is more difficult for bookmakers to adjust the probability of occurrence of draws. On the other hand, draws usually happen more than you think. All this makes many football bettors prefer to bet on draws. In this sense, it is good to look for leagues and teams with a major tendency to draw. The possibility of this happening in any match must also be well analyzed.

4. Live Betting Strategy In The Last Minutes

Live betting, when properly executed, can produce juicy benefits. You must always be attentive to the course of the encounters. You should never bet live if you are not watching the game yourself on TV. This will allow you to judge well the bet you want to make. Betting that either team scores a goal in the final minutes is a good option. This strategy is useful when a team is ahead. In this case, the opposing team would increase their efforts to tie the game. On the contrary, if towards the end, you observe that both teams are satisfied with having a draw, the best thing would be to bet on the draw.


Bookies can show you many betting options for each match. In this sense, it is always convenient to follow football betting strategies that lead you to be profitable. All bettors want to win; that is the goal. To do this, you must choose an appropriate plan that allows you to beat bookies.

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