Last-Minute Goals Betting Strategy

How Last-Minute Goals Betting Strategy Works
Last-Minute Goals Betting Strategy

Last-Minute Goals Betting Strategy

Soccer is probably the sport in which you can get the most out of living betting. That is especially true in each game's last minutes. One of the most popular bets in these cases is the last-minute goals. In many soccer leagues around the world, many goals are scored in the matches' last moments. So, it is good to have a strategy prepared for betting chances like these. Usually, in the last 15 to 20 minutes of each game, most goals are scored. As an example, we can show some statistics taken from the first 2019/20 Spanish La Liga season matchday:

  • 10 goals were scored during the last 15 minutes of the 10 matches of the day.
  • The final result changed in 8 of the 10 games played.
  • Those goals meant 20 points for the teams that scored them.

Last-Minutes Goals Betting Strategy

Knowing that many goals occur in the last 15-20 minutes leads us to design a betting strategy. In this sense, we can choose different markets that usually offer good odds. In these markets, we can obtain greater profits through our bets. Let's see which markets are the best to betting during this part of the match:

  • Final Result and Both Teams to Score (BTTS): Goals scored in this period usually result in a winner scoring both teams.
  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS) and +2.5 goals: These goals in the last minutes generally cause many matches to end with 3 or more goals.
  • Both teams will score in the second half: This market tends to offer quite high odds. Besides, it only requires that there be goals during the match's second half.

It is also necessary to consider which teams typically score the most goals in the final matches' stage within the strategy. Generally, these are big teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Liverpool because, in those last minutes, they are habitually leading the score, and the opposing team is physically exhausted. The rival team has tried to defend themselves throughout the game, and, as they lose, they must try to get closer on the scoreboard. So, on many occasions, this makes them more vulnerable in defense and allows more goals. These teams will usually score in the last minutes of most games, especially when playing at home. When and why bet on late goals? Why does it make sense to bet on late goals? For which games should I use this betting strategy? There are several causes of last-minute goals in football matches:

  • Players' strength and concentration decrease over time
  • Substitute players entering at the end of the game breathe new life into the game
  • The favorite team scores another goal at the end because the visitor is forced to take more risks to win
  • The loser manages to score a goal after the favorite team slowed down, thinking that they already had the game assured.

Matches with an obvious favorite and an outsider are suitable for this betting strategy. Besides, it is necessary to consider injuries or players' expulsions in the match's final part. Events like these can influence late goal scoring. So, it is essential to analyze each team's recent matches looking for patterns indicating whether they receive or score last-minutes goals. Place your bet only after a well-founded analysis.


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