Best Asian Handicap Betting Tipsters

Best Asian Handicap Betting Tipsters On Soccertipsters.net
Best Asian Handicap Betting Tipsters

Best Asian Handicap Betting Tipsters

Asian handicap betting is a unique form of betting. In this, the stronger of the teams is served a handicap, generally in the form of goals or points. Thus, the stronger team will have to first overcome the handicap and then look towards winning. It has to score more goals or points to overcome the score deficit awarded at the beginning of the game. It is a very interesting concept that allows the underdog to capitalise on and win a match. Since the system was initially developed and followed in Indonesia, it is known as Asian handicap betting. Now, it is popular across the world in all betting markets and tipsters offer Asian handicap betting tips to enable punters to make more money from this betting event.

What Are The Betting Possibilities?

All soccer games can end in three different possibilities—a win, loss or a tie. In instances of a tie, punters lose all money irrespective of which team they bet on. When a team is given a handicap, the chances of a tie are obliterated and the event results only in one winner. Thus, the odds of an Asian handicap are set keeping in mind that each team has a 50-50 chance of a win. Consequently, only 2-betting possibilities exist in the Asian handicap. Asian handicap also results in 2 possibilities for the bookmakers. It can be either good or bad depending on the action of the bookmaker. Bookmakers play a bigger role in matches with Asian handicap.It can also facilitate their risk reduction by enabling the bookmakers to:

  • Trade with another party or
  • Balance out the money waged on the two teams

This form of betting also offers a relatively lower margin that does not contribute much to the gross win.

Why Is The Weaker Team Given A Head Start?

The concept of Asian handicap is to create a level playing ground for the teams. This makes it a popular event resulting in a high demand for Asian handicap betting tips. This handicap can be in the form of points or goals where the score deficit is communicated to the teams well before the start of the match. In a match between a strong and a weak team, the chances of predicting the outcome become easier. The introduction of the Asian handicap makes the match interesting and keeps the suspense on until the last moment.

Where should punters go for the best Asian handicap betting tips?

The best Asian handicap tipsters that, according to Soccertipsters.net, offer accurate tips for the same are:

  • Soccerguide: They have a hit rate of 88.67% and offer tips for Asian handicap matches along with making predictions for other events. They are also famous for their correct score and fixed 1X2 match tips and predictions.
  • Besttips: This website also offers accurate Asian handicap betting tips. It has a strike rate of 88.17% making it a very lucrative tipster website for punters. Those associated with them have a lower losing run and increase their bank quickly. Other recommended services include tips for exact score, fixed odds etc.
  • Forebettips: A strike rate of 86.03% makes this tipster a favourite with punters. Along with offering tips and predictions for Asian Handicaps, they also offer tips for under/over betting events, fixed odds etc.
  • Soccertipster: This tipster website is as famous for its fixed match tips as it is for its Asian handicap tips and predictions. A strike rate of 87.63% makes this website very popular with punters, both novice and professionals.
  • Beatbookiestips: Founded by high-roller bettors, this tipster website offers leaked bookies tips on Asian handicap, thus, increasing the accuracy of their tips. Other services offered include fixed odds tips, under/over tips etc.

Collaborating with good tipster websites that come recommended like soccertipsters.net always proves to be beneficial for the punters. The tips and predictions such websites offer can be trusted and punters stand a greater chance of winning the bet. This is especially true for betting on Asian handicap betting events. Since the outcome can result in either a win or a loss, punters with accurate predictions stand a higher chance to win big when betting on such events.


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