How To Find Reliable eSports Betting Tipsters?

Learn How To Find Reliable eSports Betting Tipsters
How To Find Reliable eSports Betting Tipsters?

How To Find Reliable eSports Betting Tipsters?

ESports have gained a relevant place in the world of sports betting, to the point that it is now possible to find betting tipsters for this sport. Tipsters specialized in esports are still rare compared to the usual betting tipsters. Those that focus on traditional sports competitions such as soccer, basketball, horse racing, etc.

How To Choose A Good eSports Tipster?

One of the main doubts that arise when choosing which tipster to follow is knowing how to identify those determining factors that differentiate an excellent tipster from those with low or no reliability. That is why we find it interesting to review the most important factors to consider when choosing which tipster to follow. So, let's get to know them.

Verified Statistics

This factor is not by chance in the first position of the list, and after all, it is about the most critical element when choosing a good tipster. No tipster that does not present accessible and verified statistics should be a possible option in any case. Indeed, the tipster who does not record his statistics can manipulate the results at will and show false numbers to get clients fraudulently. Thus, having verified statistics on reliable platforms is an essential requirement that builds the foundations of the credibility of every tipster.

Long-term Profitability

Profitability, known in the betting world as yield, is the main indicator that a tipster is doing their job well. But you have to know how to read between the lines and identify well the context in which that profitability value occurs. It is not only relevant to have a positive yield, and also it is necessary to contrast it with the other factors in the equation. Every tipster should demonstrate that this profitability comes from hitting many more bets than have been lost after many published bets.

Transparency And Honesty

Sadly, some betting tipsters do not respond or block users that require their statistics. Also, they tend to edit their predictions after finishing a match or lie about the money they have earned. So, you should not waste a minute in following unreliable betting tipsters. These individuals tend to lie about their results and never give the information that is asked of them. On the other hand, reputable and professional betting tipsters seek to provide a quality service, and they work transparently based on the effort to achieve good results.

Previous Study And Opinions

Another mandatory factor to know if a tipster is trustworthy is to follow up with him for a while and analyze how he works. Many have free accounts where they publish their picks. There, you can see exciting data such as their posting frequency, their hitting record, their forecasts explanations, and more.

In the same way, it is critical to look for customer opinions to see if they are happy with the service and recommend it. Besides, when following a tipster's performance, it is highly recommended to look at how he analyzes each pick before placing a bet and after the match finishes. A pick accompanied by an explanation where you can see the value of that bet will give us confidence in that tipster. That allows us to see the previous work behind his picks.

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