Top Free Agents Players All Teams Are Looking For

The Top Free Agents Players All Teams Are Looking For
Top Free Agents Players All Teams Are Looking For

Top Free Agents Players All Teams Are Looking For

Year after year, the transfer market becomes the stage where anything can happen. The best players in the world change teams, and then everything is possible. Big expectations are fulfilled when a great player arrives to transform a team. But, we can also see terrible disappointments when teams pay millions for players who do not perform as expected. It is an exciting parade of money and superstars, full of deals and hopes. And right now, like so many other times, the transfer market is full of players who are being targeted by the best teams on the planet. This includes the big free agents who are waiting for the best offer.

Paulo Dybala

The Argentine attacker leaves Juventus after six excellent seasons. Paulo Dybala, 28, is being targeted by several big teams in Serie A and other European leagues. Inter, AC Milan. Even Real Madrid and Barcelona are hunting the former Juve striker. In the 2021-22 season, he played 29 matches and scored 10 goals, having good numbers again. Paulo Dybala is well known in the Italian Serie A, so the most logical thing would be for him to remain in the league, even if it is with another team. But everything is possible in the transfer market.

Franck Kessié

During the last 5 seasons, the midfielder born in the Ivory Coast, Franck Kessié, became the heart and soul of AC Milan. He says goodbye to this team through the big door: winning the 'Scudetto' of the Italian Serie A. Besides, he brought maximum glory to his team after eleven years of waiting. Franck Kessié is a complete 25-year-old player with impeccable technique who, according to experts, is about to sign with Barcelona. Although due to the administrative conditions of the team, nothing is certain regarding the possibility they have of making contracts at this time. But if Kessié joins Xavi Hernández's team, we would have a Barcelona full of life for next season.

Marcelo Vieira

Marcelo was a legend at Real Madrid. This was his team for 16 years; he helped them win over 25 titles and was his captain. At 34 years of age, Marcelo is still a great defender and has the doors open to several teams that are interested in hiring him, including Valladolid, with whom he would remain in La Liga.

Luis Suarez

After two seasons, the fierce Uruguayan attacker Luis Suárez leaves Atlético de Madrid. In the 2020-21 season, Suárez played 32 matches and scored 21 goals. But last season he had a dip in his performance, playing 35 matches and scoring 11 goals. However, Suárez is still an attractive player for the big teams, despite being 35 years old. Besides, his return to Barcelona, a club with which he lived the best moments of his career, is rumored.

Arturo Vidal

Another veteran free agent is Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal, who has just played for Inter in Serie A for the past two seasons. Vidal (35) is not in Inter's plans, and his future has not yet materialized, even though he has several offers. These proposals come mainly from South American teams, such as Boca Juniors from Argentina and Flamengo from Brazil.    

The transfer market is at its most closed, so in the next few hours, we will surely know the future of the players that we have just reviewed.

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