Six 2022 Proven Value Betting Tips

Six (6) 2022 Proven Value Betting Tips
Six 2022 Proven Value Betting Tips

Six 2022 Proven Value Betting Tips

Value betting is the ability to capitalize on a wager which is underpriced relative to its intrinsic value. Ideally, a punter can win more on a value betting situation than a regular chance. It may be a mispriced stake because several punters want to bet on the favorites, or the bookie wants to even out the bets as part of a risk management strategy. Irrespective of the reason, punters have several opportunities to capitalize on value betting situations in different sporting events such as football, basketball, rugby, cricket, hockey, ice hockey, the Olympics, and more. Value betting is similar to value investing, popularized by famous investor Warren Buffet. In the investing world, investors and analysts always scout for underpriced assets, purchase them and wait for their price to rise again. Investors then sell the support for a profit and repeat the process with other underpriced assets.

2022 Value Betting Tips

Some of the essential value betting tips in 2022 that have helped punters win higher profits on wagers more consistently are the following:

1. Comparing Odds

Punters looking for the best next value bet must compare odds by different betting providers. A punter can access a value betting situation if two other providers give different odds for the same wager and betting market. They compare odds by several hundred providers for thousands of games weekly, providing a punter the best possibility of spotting a value betting situation. Statistical and betting software can help a punter compare and analyze odds and ROIs on wagers more efficiently.

2. Utilizing Comparison Platforms

Odds comparison platforms are websites or platforms that compile odds for different games across leagues in many countries across the globe. Such platforms help punters spot value betting opportunities by comparing other betting markets, teams, clubs, player statistics, and odds. Odds comparison platforms help punters save time, resources, and energy. A punter needs to scan through different betting opportunities and select the ones that fit with a punter’s betting goals and strategy.

3. Wagers On Popular And Unpopular Teams

Punters tend to gravitate towards backing popular teams when making wagers. However, a wager on a favorite team may not be the best or most efficient wager to make. For example, a group such as Manchester United may have more fans than a club such as Sevilla and, in turn, more bets. However, Sevilla may be in better form. Since so many punters already backed Manchester United, a punter can make a higher-than-expected profit on an accurate prediction (backing Sevilla). In essence, the underdog and the favored team could be the same and vice versa.

4. Arbitrage Wagers

Arbitrage wagers or arbs are specific situations that allow punters to make a minuscule profit irrespective of the game’s outcome. Ideally, a punter backs one result and lays the opposite with the same bookie or multiple providers. The difference between applying and making a wager is a punter’s potential for profit in an arbitrage bet. While punters can only win a small amount on an arbitrage wager, they are sure of that amount. Arbitrage opportunities don’t always come up, and when they do, the punters that capitalize on them first make the most profit.

5. Wagers On Lesser-known Leagues

More often than not, most wagers are efficiently-priced in the leading football and sporting leagues across the globe. However, the opportunity to spot and capitalize on value bets is higher in lower and less popular miles. One of the main reasons why famous clubs are more efficiently-priced is because several punters participate in those leagues. Any opportunity that comes up vanishes quickly depending on the number of punters capitalizing on the opportunity.

6. 2 Or 3 Outcome Bets

This wager in sports like football allows punters to make wagers on 2 (win or lose) or 3 (win, lose, and draw) different outcomes. Punters may have access to more value betting situations in 3 different results since such results are more challenging to predict than trying to indicate two different outputs.


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