Do’s and Don’ts When Betting On Draw

Betting On Draw - Do’s and Don’ts
Do’s and Don’ts When Betting On Draw

Do’s and Don’ts When Betting On Draw

Betting on draw outcomes are niche betting markets within specific sporting events with a high probability of drawing results. Examples of a few sporting events with an increased likelihood of drawing results include test cricket matches, football games, hockey matches, some basketball games, and so on. Punters have the opportunity to make a profit from making wagers on draws or by avoiding draw wagers altogether.  

The Do’s of Betting on Draw

The do’s of betting on draw results include:

Wager On Equal Opponents

Two equally matched opponents are likelier to play out a draw than two unequally matched teams. A wager on two similarly matched opponents might produce a tie. Alternatively, punters use handicap wagers such as mixed handicap, plain handicap, European handicap, or Asian handicap between two unequally matched opponents.  

Wagers On Low-Scoring Teams

A wager on a 0-0 draw between low-scoring teams can be a profitable football betting strategy. Most football games begin at 0-0, and if two teams have a low probability of scoring, then the teams have a high likelihood of playing in a draw match.

Low League Teams

Low league teams tend to play a higher frequency of draw results towards the end of the season as teams try to consolidate their position in the current league and avoid relegation to the successive league. However, punters should also consider a team’s objectives since some teams play to take a game to extra time.

Eliminating Draws Through Asian Handicap Wagers

Punters can eliminate draw results by making Asian handicap wagers since Asian handicap wagers are in decimal format. Since teams can’t score half a goal, punters can avoid drawing results and make a wager on either win or loss.  

The Don’ts Of Betting On Draw

The don’ts of betting on draw results include avoiding rookie mistakes such as eliminating draw results when draws are unlikely, wagers on leagues or teams with a low frequency of draw results, and not considering the possibility of draw results in finals of competitions, and team form.

Eliminating Draws When Draws Are Unlikely

Punters should avoid eliminating draw results, especially if those draw results are unlikely. Instead, a punter can profit from unlikely draw results by including it as part of the wager to receive a higher payout. For example, European handicap wagers include draw results as part of the wager and have a higher payout than Asian handicap wagers.

Leagues/Teams With a Low Frequency Of Draw Results

Punters should consider teams or leagues that play in a relatively low frequency of draw results. Any draw wager on such a result is unlikely to payout or result in a punter losing out on potential profit. Alternatively, leagues or teams that play in a higher frequency of draws should make wagers on draw results or a stake on x in a 1x2 bet.

Not Considering Draws In The Finals

The finals of cup competitions and tournaments are high-stakes games where teams avoid making mistakes. Conceding a goal is a mistake; teams prevent errors, resulting in teams playing in frequent goalless draw results.

Not Considering Team Form

Team form is critical in determining how a team will perform in a game or game run. A group in lousy form is likely to play more draws or losses. However, punters should also consider that teams out of shape are unpredictable, and it isn’t easy to estimate the performance the team will put on the pitch.


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