3 Proven Betting Bankroll Management Systems

Three (3) Proven Betting Bankroll Management Systems
3 Proven Betting Bankroll Management Systems

3 Proven Betting Bankroll Management Systems

If there’s one commonly overlooked yet highly pivotal aspect of betting today, it’s bankroll management. The concept has become so obscure that many new and seasoned punters don’t even know it exists. Here, we’ll be looking at what bankroll management is and the best ways to implement it.

Bankroll Management – Understanding The Basics

Simply put, bankroll management refers to how a bettor handles the funds for their betting sessions. How you oversee your bankroll is crucial because once you’ve exhausted this resource, you’re essentially out of the running till you top up again.

Why Bankroll Management Is Crucial In All Forms Of Betting

Have you ever wondered why most land-based and online betting platforms don’t seem to have trouble promoting their franchise to even sharps and sharks? It’s because they count on the fact that, sooner or later, human nature will kick in, and they’ll recoup all they’ve lost plus profits!

Fun Fact: A punter can win as much as 65% of all the wagers they place and still continually bleed money to the bookie!

If you’re wondering, it’s because of the lack of proper bankroll management. Now that you know just how crucial properly managing your money is, let’s see some basic yet efficient ways to protect your bankroll.

Bankroll Management System #1 – Have a Record

“I’ll remember it offhand,” and “I don’t need to record transactions on my bankroll.” The above are two statements that you have to avoid at all costs. If you’re not gambling just for kicks and giggles, you must be very conscious of what you spend betting. It means being accountable. Being accountable means that you have to track what enters and leaves your bankroll. Some punters even go one step further to track their win and loss rate, so they know whether or not they’ve been putting the money to good use.

Bankroll Management System #2 – Set a Loss Limit

Knowing when to stop is the most challenging thing you can learn in betting. Yet, it can preserve your bankroll in a way few other things can. Have a set percentage of your wager that, once expended, you have to walk away from the game. This tactic works great because it keeps you in the game as long as you’re winning and yanks you out when your losses become unbearable.

Bankroll Management System #3 – Time Your Sessions

Don’t give yourself free rein to bet anytime, for as long as you want. That’s a covert way of setting yourself up for disaster, especially in this day and age when you only have to pick up your phone to start placing bets. Instead, in addition to using only a fixed percentage of your total bankroll to wager, you can put a time limit on your sessions and discipline yourself to pull out when time’s up, regardless of how the session is going.

Bottom Line

The biggest foe you have to tackle with bankroll management is yourself. While implementing and enforcing this policy might seem restrictive, you’ll always be glad you made an effort in the long run, as it’ll keep you betting indefinitely.

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