Philippe Coutinho calls ?142m move to Barcelona from Liverpool ??a dream??

Philippe Coutinho Moving To FC Barcelona Worth Up To ?142m
Philippe Coutinho calls ?142m move to Barcelona from Liverpool ??a dream??

Philippe Coutinho calls £142m move to Barcelona from Liverpool ‘a dream’

It’s all smiles for Philippe Coutinho as he realizes his dream of moving to FC Barcelona. The rumored fee of a stunning £142million makes him one of the most expensive players in the history of soccer. He leaves to join the Spanish giants with a track record of 48 goals and making 176 appearances in all his competitions.

The joy was evident as he said that this was a dream come true for him. He asserted that he had given Liverpool his all and he’s only moving on to actualize his dream. He went on to express his love for Liverpool saying he has had many wonderful memories in his time there.

Philippe Coutinho calls the move time of adventure for him. As a consolation to the team, he said that he would only have left Liverpool for Barcelona and not any other club. He describes Barcelona as a place of magic.

While he was in a celebratory mood, his absence in Liverpool will be felt by many. His manager Jurgen Klopp issued a statement saying he was reluctant to bid farewell to a fantastic player, a wonderful teammate and a good friend.

Klopp assured his fans that he had done all that he could to stop the move from happening. This was to calm the supporters and fans who have great concerns about the future of Liverpool. Klopp assured the supporters of his commitment towards the positive development of the club even in the wake of Philippe Coutinho departure.

The transfer leaves a huge dent in the club and eyes are on Klopp and the strategies he will take to strengthen the team and replace the Brazilian. Philippe Coutinho was their little magician and only time will tell how they will move on without him and what the future holds for Liverpool.

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