Discovering Trustworthy Sources For Expert Soccer Betting Tips

Finding Reliable Sources For Professional Soccer Betting Tips
Discovering Trustworthy Sources For Expert Soccer Betting Tips

Discovering Trustworthy Sources For Expert Soccer Betting Tips

If you just started betting on sports, you might encounter a problem which is having a low winning percentage. Don’t worry; this can be relatively quick. You can improve your winning percentage drastically by following the picks of professional bettors, also known as tipsters. But it can be rather hard to find it on your own, and that’s why we will cover everything you need to know about finding a professional tipster.

Why Would You Need Betting Tips?

It’s common knowledge that you must do in-depth research to win a bet, which can require many hours. Sometimes all that research doesn’t bring results, making you disappointed and tired. That’s where professional bettors, also known as tipsters, come in handy. These people are doing all the necessary research. Also, they have much more base knowledge because it’s their job to know everything. So, by using a professional tipster, you are bound to save a lot of time and have good results, which is the most important thing. But be aware this comes at a price.

How To Find Good Tipsters?

Individual good tipsters are very hard to find because of the lack of advertisements; they don’t feel they should advertise because of how many clients and work they already have. But they are usually active on social media like Instagram. Your best bet is to talk to more experienced bettors because they most likely came across some of the professional tipsters and coaches, are most of them are probably using a tipster for their bets. But, if you accidentally stumbled on the Instagram account of a professional tipster, you need to make sure that he is not a scammer. Don’t worry; we will teach you how to do that too.

What To Look For?

Here is what to look for when you find a tipster or a site specializing in selling betting tips. For sites is straightforward, you can see the quality of the site and their reviews, but it gets a little more tricky when it comes to individual tipsters. So, here we go:


Professional tipsters with a social media account will post their feedback from their clients. They mail it because it increases their reputability, and eventually, they can charge a higher price to clients. Also, they post it because, in the event of them accepting new clients, that is a thing that sets them apart.


You should ideally find two tipsters and go slow on each one. You do this to compare the winning percentage of both and choose the better one. Remember to keep bets small and bet evenly on both, so you get an accurate representation of both tipsters.


Professional bettors or tipsters never give out free betting tips, and why would they? They are doing that for a job rather than for satisfaction. So, the apparent signs of a scam are if they are trying to give you free betting tips and then charge you a lot of money. If all things check out and you decide on bookmaker A or B, you are better off going with the more expensive option as their quality is probably higher.

Closing Thoughts

Keep in mind that tipsters and sites that specialize in this can help you a lot in increasing your winning percentage, but they can’t by any means guarantee you anything. Also, it’s essential to know that people advertising as professional tipsters and promising guaranteed winnings are most likely trying to scam you.

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