Cristiano Ronaldo Top 5 Replacements Real Madrid Are Looking To Buy This Summer

5 Possible Replacements For Cristiano Ronaldo In Real Madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo Top 5 Replacements Real Madrid Are Looking To Buy This Summer

Cristiano Ronaldo Top 5 Replacements Real Madrid Are Looking To Buy This Summer

Commonly known as the best player in the world and regarded by many as one of the greatest players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo’s days- and goals- of glory are now evidently coming to a standstill with age, but Serie A might bode well for him. When he joined Real Madrid, they bought him for a transfer fee of £80 million Pounds which was a record then and also included a one billion pound buyout clause. In such a view, the prospect of filling Cristiano Ronaldo’s enormous boots becomes a daunting challenge in itself.

1. Neymar

The first of the five potential replacements for Cristiano Ronaldo is Neymar Jr. Although several viewers and fans displayed a lack of respect toward the embarrassing sportsmanship of Neymar during this summer’s world cup, it remains undoubtedly that Neymar possesses outstanding talent (when not seriously injured).

2. Hirving Lozano

The second contestant up for consideration was Hirving Lozano. Though several consider him to belong to a similar, if not the same league that Cristiano Ronaldo runs in, - especially after having awed for Mexico in the World Cup by scoring the only goal of the game, and subsequently defeating Germany, – he however, still remains a player who lacks value in name, a defining attribute possessed by Ronaldo and Neymar.

3. Paulo Dybala

24-year-old Argentinian, Paulo Dybala has been on Madrid’s radar since all of 2018 following his impressive performances during the past seasons of Italy’s Serie A; performances that clearly proved him to be able to fill in Ronaldo’s shoes.

4. Kylian Mbappé

It doesn’t come as a shock to many that Kylian Mbappe is on the list, despite being just 19 years of age. Aside from becoming a World Cup winner, Mbappe never fell short in his performance throughout his matches and further became the first teenager since Pele in 1958 to score in the world cup.

5. Eden Hazard

And last but certainly not the least of all, much to the dismay of all Chelsea fans, comes a consistent interest from Real Madrid in Eden Hazard. Known as the clubs best player over the course of several seasons, Hazard becomes more than eligible to fill the Cristiano Ronaldo void, and perhaps even move on to become the best player in Real Madrid.

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