Three Powerful Tips For Asian Handicap Betting

Three Effective Asian Handicap Betting Tips
Three Powerful Tips For Asian Handicap Betting

Three Powerful Tips For Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicaps are an exciting and innovative way to bet on sports. Gone are the days when the only way to gamble on sports was to predict match winners. In a gambling scene where punters need continuous stimulation, bookmakers have developed different bet types, also known as betting markets. The Asian handicap, and handicaps in general, are an example of those new betting markets.

What Is An Asian Handicap?

Handicaps are a betting method where a team or athlete is given a (hypothetical) advantage over the other team. Two ways this can happen:

  • It can award one side imaginary goals or points before the contest commences. Usually, it’s the underdog who has goals or points.

  • It can deduct imaginary goals or points from one side before the start of the contest. Usually, it’s from the favorites where they remove goals too.

The method is only of academic importance. This hypothetical situation results in the favorite working harder to beat the underdog by scoring more. The other perspective is that the underdog’s job is made easier against the choice.

And why “Asian”? Asian handicaps are a specific type of handicap using decimal goals or points instead of whole. You might see values like +1.5 or +3.25 where Asian handicaps are concerned. The effect is that there are only two possible outcomes in an Asian handicap betting scenario. The other type of handicapping using whole goals and points is called a European handicap and has three possible effects: Home, Away, or Draw.

“Asian” handicaps are so named because the concept originated from Indonesia before picking up elsewhere in the 21st century. Here are a few ways to make effective, profitable use of Asian Handicaps.

Use Asian Handicaps To Increase Value

Betting is always a risk because it’s mathematically impossible to predict outcomes 100% of the time. Asian handicaps are a fantastic way to make taking the risk worthwhile. Let’s take an example of a favorite vs. underdog soccer contest, like PSG vs. Nantes. In a match like that, the favorite usually outscores the less fancied team by a considerable margin. The money line odds for predicting a PSG win would usually be pitifully low, requiring the punter to hazard a significant stake to get any meaningful return. And, since Nantes could still spring a surprise upset, the PSG-to-win pick is not worth the effort and investment.

Another action would be to use Asian handicaps instead. In a Nantes +2.5 scenario, a PSG pick might see odds upgraded from something like 1.05 to a very profitable 1.90 or Evens. Given that PSG regularly trounces teams with 4-0 and 5-0 scorelines in their league, the Asian handicap bet would prove a very tempting option.

Find Competitive Asian Handicap Odds

Well-established bookmakers, like Wewin.asia, are better known for Asian handicap action than others. You can trust those bookies to offer more profitable odds when you bet on Asian handicaps. One of the attitudes anyone should nurture as a gambler is always trying to get more bang for your buck. Please do this by comparing as many bookies as possible and seeing what handicap prices they offer for the same sporting event. Should you have less time, you can use one of the many odds comparison websites available on the net today.

Bet Asian Handicaps In Live Betting

Many people might not realize this, but modern sportsbooks like Wewin.asia offer Asian handicaps in live betting! Live betting is placing wagers while a sporting contest is ongoing. It’s not only a great way to find value bets but a chance to use Asian handicaps to significant effect. In-play betting lets the punter get a feel of how the game pans out before placing wagers. In the PSG vs. Nantes example above, betting in-play would allow you to gauge the game flow in real-time. Say the first half ends 3-0 to PSG. Based on the PSG’s mood to that point, would you expect PSG to score several more? Or might Nantes be able to limit PSG’s efficiency in front of the goal, especially given that leading scorer Kylian Mbappe has come off injured?

Asian handicaps and live betting are a match made in heaven. While a bit of a pro-gambler tip, anyone novice can grasp the concept and stand to rake in real profits.

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