Successors To Pep Guardiola At Manchester City

Key Successors To Pep Guardiola For Manchester City
Successors To Pep Guardiola At Manchester City

Successors To Pep Guardiola At Manchester City

Manchester City is on top of the English Premier League table yet again, and many are certain that, after winning last season, they are serious title contenders this 2018 - 2019 season too. So far, City has enjoyed an undefeated streak, winning ten games out of their last 12.

Given the form they're in, they stand a good chance of dethroning Real Madrid and win the Champions League as well. The key to their success over the last few seasons has been other than their head coach, Pep Guardiola.

Many of his contemporaries and football pundits alike believe that the Manchester City boss is the best head coach around right now.
To name some of his achievements, the Spanish Manager has won domestic titles in three different countries - La Liga, Bundesliga, and the Premier League. Barcelona also won two Champions League titles under him. Given all his accomplishments, who would be some key successors to Pep Guardiola at Manchester City?

Lucien Favre

The current manager of German club Borussia Dortmund would be a good potential successor to Pep Guardiola. The two share a similar philosophy so that he would fit in well with Manchester City. Favre, like Guardiola, strives for perfection. His style of play is dynamic and relies on quick passes and possession to beat the opponent by creating space. His team is organized and focused on attacking.

Fans are hoping that Favre and Dortmund will be able to win this Bundesliga, a title they haven't won since 2012.

Thomas Tuchel

Paris Saint-Germain is a great team, and plenty of praise is due to their manager, former Dortmund coach, Thomas Tuchel.
Tuschel's style of play is flexible, depending on the opposition. He sets up a formation that would be the most effective at overpowering the opponent. Like Guardiola, Tuschel uses the counter pressing tactic to stay in possession.

When his team loses the ball, rather than strengthening their defense, they counter-attack and try to win back the ball. Necessarily, they don't press to press. There is also a focus on ball retention, as well as fast-paced, rotational passes.

Carlo Ancelotti

It's been a while since Manchester City won a Champions League title, but with Carlo Ancelotti as their manager, they might be able to do just that. Ancelotti is one of the only head coaches to have won the league three times, two times with Milan and once with Real Madrid.

Additionally, his teams have qualified for the finals four times. The current Napoli boss has worked with some big teams in the past, from Juventus and Paris Saint Germain to Chelsea and Bayern Munich, all of whom did extremely well under his guidance. Ancelotti changes up his formations and structures to would suit his team. He has been praised for his adaptability and his ability to make the best use of his players' strengths. As one of the most successful managers in the world, he would fit in perfectly at Etihad.

Gareth Southgate

Who better to coach one of the best clubs in England other than the manager of the English national team, Gareth Southgate?
Under his leadership, England reached the semifinals for the first time since1990. He won the hearts of fans all over the nation this World Cup. Southgate already has some experience working with some of the players in the Man City squad, like Raheem Sterling, Kyle Andrew, and John Stones, and it would be interesting to see what route he would take Manchester City down.

Marco Silva

Having coached Watford and Everton, Marco Silva is no stranger to the Premier League. He made several changes to his team, with hopes to bring them up from their unsuccessful run under Allardyce. Everton attempts to distract and dismantle the opponent's defense. He tends to focus on making sure that his players have versatility, with a more than one option of play to choose from.

His teams also tend to be high pressing, but rather than setting their eyes on the player in possession, and attacking him to win back the ball; they focus on the passing lanes or the passes that the other team makes. On the defensive side, the players tend to focus on creating passing opportunities and finding gaps on the opponent's side.


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