Arbitrage Betting - Risk-Free Betting

The Perks Of Risk-Free Betting (Arbitrage Betting)
Arbitrage Betting - Risk-Free Betting

Arbitrage Betting - Risk-Free Betting

Any experienced punter will tell you that sports betting, especially, is a blend of strategy and luck. Most professional gamblers are master mathematicians and statistical experts on top of knowing the sport and betting strategies inside and out. They never make any decisions based on impulses or whims. Instead, their choices are informed ones, based on extensive research and experience. Additionally, no seasoned punter would make any wagers without applying any betting strategies.

Since their main goal is long term profit, strategies are often applied to eliminate the risk of a financial loss. One such approach is arbitrage betting.


What is arbitrage betting?

With arbitrage betting or arbing, you invest as much as you can, with the hopes of a guaranteed profit. It involves placing multiple bets on all or several outcomes of a particular match with different bookmakers. It makes use of the variation in odds, and therefore, price differences in the same market, that are provided by different bookkeepers. If done correctly and strategically, you can guarantee a profit, regardless of what the final result may be. If you find significant differences in the odds that different bookmakers offer, you can utilize this to your benefit. For example, in a match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, some bookies might predict that Federer may be the winner, and therefore, provide odds in his favor. A different bookmaker might assume the opposite and offer different odds. Bookmakers also sometimes change their odds. If the outcome of a match is obvious, and one team or player receives the majority of the bets, sportsbooks sometimes tweak their initial odds, to balance out bets. This is where an opportunity for arbitrage betting comes in. If you aren't up to looking for arbs by yourself, or if you're having any trouble doing so, there are plenty of websites and software than you can utilize.


Here are some of the advantages of Arbitrage Betting

Potentially eliminates all risk

Once you master this strategy, you can potentially earn a profit every single time you place a bet. There are numerous betting websites whose bookies are bound to be offering different odds, so there is plenty of opportunities for you to find or create a situation in which arbitrage betting is possible.

You can earn a lot of money

With a strategy this foolproof, you can bet that the payout will be high. Since you're creating low risks situations in which profits are a given, there is potential to make a lot of money over a short period.

Easy to understand

There are plenty of betting strategies one can implement to make a profit. Out of those, arbitrage betting is relatively easy to understand. Once you get the hang of it and understand it's basics, spotting arbitrage opportunities using this strategy becomes second nature. If math isn't your thing since it's a popular strategy among serious bettors, there are online tools that you can use to help you spot and calculate the payout of your arbs.

Used by professionals

Any individual who is serious about making a profit while betting uses a strategy. Arbitrage betting is used by several betting professionals -those who have made gambling a full-time career. Arbing makes betting stress-free, as you either end up with a profit or reduce the margin you lose by.

To increase your chances of a payout, make sure you bet with multiple, reliable online sportsbooks. Try to stick with simple betting markets, ones that involve only two outcomes, and ensure that your calculations are accurate.

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