FIFA Ballon d??Or

How Can A Player Win A Ballon d'Or?
FIFA Ballon d??Or

FIFA Ballon d’Or

On the 3rd of December last year, Real Madrid and Croatia midfielder Luka Modric was awarded the much-coveted Ballon d’Or and became the first football player other than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in ten years. The first ever Ballon d’Or was presented by the reputed magazine French Football 1956. It was the brainchild of Gabriel Hanot, a former sports journalist and football player. Since then, The annual award is presented to the best male player based on his performance in the previous year. That little golden ball is one of the most sought after awards in the world. The candidates are always the best of the best, top quality talents. So how exactly is the winner chosen?

The first ever Ballon d’Or was won by Stanley Matthews, who played for Blackpool. Back then, the award was out given to European players. Later, the candidates were expanded to include anyone playing for a European club. Since 2007 however, any person of any nationality is eligible.


Winning The Ballon d’Or

First, a shortlist of 30 names is decided upon by France Football's editorial board. Next, a diverse jury of esteemed journalists comprised of representatives from various parts of is established, and they get to voting. Each of these members chooses their top 5 players from the predetermined shortlist. According to their placement, the players are given points.

The top player at the top is given six points, number 2 is given four points, and the individual at number 3 is given two points, then two and one. Finally, the points are counted, and the player with the most points is awarded the Ballon d’Or.

According to France Football, the criteria ranking is as follow:

  1. Individual and collective performances (winners) during the year.
  2. Player class (talent and fair play).
  3. The overall judgment of the player's career

Since it is a points-based system, there always runs a risk of a tie. If such a situation should arise, then the player who was voted number one the most number of times wins. If the tie persists, second place votes are taken into consideration. If no possible conclusion can be drawn, a new vote is conducted between the tied players. If there is any dispute with regards to the selection process, then the editorial director of French Football magazine steps in.


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