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Peruvian Primera Division Review

Peruvian Primera Division Review


Important Facts

  1. From 1912-1921 Peruvian faced an unofficial period but after the new league formation in 1926, the division turned professional from 1951.
  2. With new teams from Callao, after winning the matches in 1918 and 1918, Alianza Lima won the third match.
  3. In 1927, Sports Boy was founded, and they won over four teams with their super energetic win in 1933.
  4. Copa Libertadores was featured in the 1960 season of Peruvian Primera where only champions would qualify.
  5. A new format for the tournament was made during the 1970 championship. Instead of one round-robin match, the clubs are divided into two groups to compete for a double round-robin tournament with a team of 7 members.
  6. After seven years, again the format was updated, and the season was divided into two tournaments named Apertura and Clausura. After winning from these two tournaments, the winner shall compete for the final championship.
  7. In 2018, the football federation declared to reconstruct the league. From then Alianza Lima including Sporting Cristal and Universitario, the league is now known as the Big Three of Peru. They have won 23, 18 and 26 titles for football leagues.


2019 Liga season, i.e. Peru will a three-staged 103rd season of the Peruvian Primera Division of football.

  • Stage 1 – Apertura.
  • Stage 2 – Clausura.
  • Stage 3 – Playoffs.

The current season will have 18 teams that would compete for the first stage as Apertura which would include 17 matches.

The second stage known as Clausura will also have 17 matches but in the reversed order for all 18 teams. The score that teams got in 1st stage would not be carried in the Clausura tournament.

After competing for both the small tournaments, the winning teams will play for the final stage known as Playoffs. The participants for the Playoffs stage would be decided on the basis of aggregated results from previous stages.

A total four teams will go in Playoffs that will include two semifinals matches and then the grand finale.



As per the first stage 18 teams participated and based on Standings Binacional ranked 1st, and Sporting Cristal ranked 2nd. In the second stage, Universitario got the 1st position whereas Alianza Lima scored the 2nd position.

On the basis of the aggregated table as per 22nd September matches Sporting Cristal and Binacional have qualified for Playoffs and Copa Libertadores. For qualification of Copa Sudamericana stage 1st, the teams Alianza Lima, Universitario, and Sport Huancayo would compete.

As per 22nd Sept, the top goal scorers are as below.

  1. Melgar Club’s Bernardo Cuesta with 18 goals.
  2. Binacional Club’s Donald Millan with 17 goals.
  3. Universidad César Vallejo Club’s Santiago Silva with 15 goals.


The exciting grand finals for the Peruvian Primera Division will be in December 2019 for this season.

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