Regression Analysis In Sports Betting Systems

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Regression Analysis In Sports Betting Systems

Regression Analysis In Sports Betting Systems

Regression analysis is heavily used in most sports betting systems nowadays. The basic idea of regression analysis is to focus on historical trends. After taking notes of those trends, it’s your job to put it all together and come up with a conclusion for a future event.
Tracking previous events and trends is as nowhere as easy as it sounds. When keeping track of the past event, it’s vital - and may be crucial - to get an insight as to why a particular result happened the way it did. When taking a note at this, you must go in-depth to see the causes for specific results and outcomes.

Example Of Regression Analysis

For example, if Basketball Team A won 2 of the 3 previous matchups against Basketball Team B, you can go in-depth and checkout the boxscore. If a Player A scored 20+ points in both wins, and couldn’t manage that figure in a loss, you can suspect that the number of points of Player A is in a direct colleration with the outcome of this matchup.

Then again, when taking a look at historical trends, it’s not as simple. There could be multiple reasons why Player A scored a certain number of points that day. Perhaps it could be because his assigned guard got off injured, or maybe he’s technical free-throw shooter, and there was a surprising number of those in a match. These are tiny details, but are always crucial in determining your choice, especially in the long run.

If you did decide that you’re basing your analysis on Player A, you have to look at the present and the future. When predicting future trends for this matchup, you’ll want to see if everything is set up for Player A to reach his full potential, which should translate to 20+, which in then should transform in a win for his team.

Factors you want to look up are, amongst others, the form of Player A, his assigned guard for the upcoming matchup, state of his team, etc.


Using regression analysis in sports betting systems

When using regression analysis in sports betting systems, don’t forget to use the most significant sample size that you can get. This approach ensures you do not target anomaly affected by some outer circumstances that are unlikely to happen again.

Using regression analysis for sports betting systems is an exhausting task. It takes a bunch of time and dedication to get it right. Each time you’re looking for a new trend, you’re facing the same challenges in different forms again and again. You must arm yourself with tons of patience, combined with being practical and analytical. This isn’t for everyone, but the upside is that you get to predict outcomes of sports events on a higher level, giving you the head start in the sports betting world.

Make sure you’re looking at the right attributes and factors when analyzing past trends. This is the first and the most important task you need to get done to get your regression analysis up and running in the best way possible!


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