Martingale Betting System In Sports Betting

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Martingale Betting System In Sports Betting

Martingale Betting System In Sports Betting

Martingale betting system is maybe the most popular betting system in the world. It involves heavy risk and tough nerves. Martingale belongs to negative progression betting systems. These are the system where you raise the stakes each time you lose a bet. In case of winning at some point, you revert back to your original stake.

Martingale is so popular because it comes acts as a high-risk and high-reward system. The idea and execution is simple. You choose odds of at least 2.0. After this, you double your stake each time you lose a bet. If you win a bet, in any step, you revert back to the original stake.


An example Martingale staking:

You’re starting out with $5. You find odds of 2.0. In case you lose, your stake is now $10. If you lose this bet too, your stake rises to $20. If you win a bet, your stake goes back to $5.

It’s easy to see why this system is so popular. It gives you a lot of potential earning power, all you have to do is hit 2.0 (or bigger) odds at least once. However, it’s also an extremely risky and potentially budget-draining system.

Martingale cannot be used for long-term betting. Losing streaks will come either way and if you rely on Martingale, those same losing streaks will kill your betting budget.

Let’s say you start off with $5. If you go on a losing streak of six, which is entirely possible, you’re already $160 down.

It’s definitely recommended to stay away from this system. Negative progression systems aren’t exclusively bad, but in this case, risk heavily outweighs the reward which may never come. It also requires tons of patience, as smaller stakes in the first few steps won’t bring in much profit anyway. So, as the potential profit gets higher, the risk becomes extreme. Another consequence of this is emotional instability in betting. As we all know, you need a cool head for gambling, and Martingale takes it away from you after a few misses.

Finally, we’ll put together a list of pros and cons so you can decide for yourself it Martingale suits you:

Pros of Martingale

  • Potentially big profits
  • Simple to follow

Cons of Martingale

  • Could drain your betting budget completely
  • Very unstable
  • Unnerving to follow through

With sports betting getting bigger and bigger each day, it may be smarter to turn to some other systems. Martingale should stay reserved for people who thrive on adrenaline, rather than for someone who’s looking to make a stable profit. Aside from sports betting, Martingale can be used in Casino games, mainly roulette, where you can bet on black or white. But make no mistake, each time the dice is thrown, the chance for black or white to fall is exactly the same each time, no matter the outcome of the previous 10 rolls.

If you’re looking for the adrenaline rush, go for Martingale. But keep in mind, the chance of this system ruining your betting budget is big, which is the main reason why it’s best to keep away.


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