Guide To Bet On Draw In Soccer Betting

Guide To Bet On Draw Game Like Professional In Soccer Betting
Guide To Bet On Draw In Soccer Betting

Guide To Bet On Draw In Soccer Betting

The article was last updated on 29th March 2019.

It feels absolutely amazing when your favorite team wins, but as deep as my alliances to my club for choice runs, a good outcome is a draw. Draws might not be as thrilling as it seemed, at least in my opinion.

The last-minute goal, or win by 6 goals, but draws are good for both teams, everyone's satisfied, and no one has to face the crippling disappointment of a loss.

When it comes to betting, however, draws assume a completely different facade. The odds on draws are usually very high, which would result in a bigger payout.

More often, the odds are higher than 3. This means that if you pick the right matches to bet on, you could be looking at some steady, long term profit.

One advantage of soccer betting is that this industry provides a punter with many betting choices to choose from. If you are a beginner, you may have come across different betting terminologies like both teams to score, 1X2, over/under, and draw no bet among others.

Below, we will take a look at on one of the most profitable betting fields-draws and the tricks a punter can apply to become successful:

“Away” and “Home” odds

Before rushing to select teams that you think will end in a draw, it is essential to look at their odds. This is particularly helpful to newbies who may have no clue on how to go about this niche.

Like we've mentioned before, draws usually have really high odds, because the bookmaker believes that this outcome is less likely to occur when compared to the likelihood big a team winning.

Do not let this throw you off. If the match is between two evenly matched teams, or if the team that is marginally superior is playing an away game, it is likely that the match will end in a draw.

A quick tip for you, study teams that have odds that are too close, this is because the bookies have lots of difficulty in deciding which side has a higher chance of winning as they are evenly matched, and both teams are likely to end up with a draw.

Bet on a draw with different bookmakers

Most punters may not know it, but bookies are always ahead given that for every bet that a punter places, the bookie takes a certain percentage. This is why you will never hear of a bookmaker that has made losses because they are always at an advantage.

A punter can opt to register with multiple bookies to take advantage of the different bonuses that each one of them offers and this way; they can be able to cushion themselves from the bookies ”house advantage.”

Take a look at the given odds for “Under 2.5 Goals.”

This is one good indicator that the teams with likely end in a draw. A look at these odds should guide you into the possibility of low-scoring by the two teams which will most likely end up in a draw.

Make sure you look into their past performance, and you will be surprised to learn that, most of the time, a lot of low scoring teams end up in a draw.


Best markets for better on draws blog post image

Best markets for better on draws


There are very few betting types that are better than the classic 1X2 market, purely because it is so straightforward and easy to understand, and not to mention, extremely profitable.

You can bet either on a home win, an away win, or a draw, and you'll know by now if you've been betting for a while, the draws are where the money's at.

Sure, a tied match isn't as common, but if you do find an opportunity, seize it, and trust us, you won't regret it.

European Handicap

Plenty of punters today prefer Handicap betting because it's a little more difficult to master, but just as, or maybe even more exciting when compared your traditional 1X2 bet.

Unlike the Asian Handicap, European handicap bets give you the opportunity to bet on draw. So if you're up for a challenge, this is one market you should definitely check out.

Double chance betting

You think a match will end in a draw, but you also think there's room for it to go another way? Then this is the market for you.

Double chance betting allows you to place a bet on a combination of any two possible outcomes - home win/draw, away win/draw or away win/home win. If either one of the two options in the bet you made becomes true, then you will make a profit.

Over to you

The above are only a few tips that you can use to increase your profits with soccer betting.

We have more soccer betting tips & predictions so feel free to explore and use our professional soccer betting services to make more money with soccer betting.

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