Betting Odds On The Premier League Golden Boot Winner

Betting Odds On The Premier League Golden Boot
Betting Odds On The Premier League Golden Boot Winner

Betting Odds On The Premier League Golden Boot Winner

Harry Kane 4/1

If there is one factor that makes Kane a safe bet, it's his consistency. Tottenham's Harry Kane will be among the mix of top scorers this season. He came into the league looking quite strong, bagging the golden boot during this year's world cup. He has been getting progressively better every season, winning two consecutive titles in a row and scoring 30 goals last year, coming in second.

Mohamed Salah 11/2

Salah thwarted Kane's attempt at a Golden Boot hat trick last season, scoring 32 goals in just 36 games, claiming the trophy for himself, as well as breaking the record for the most league goals as he's quick on his feet, and works well with his teammates, making him an incredibly skilled player. Salah is expected to deliver a similar performance this season and is expected to go over 30 goals this season.

Sergio Aguero 7/2

When it comes to most goals per minute, Aguero comes out on top. He falls just behind Salah and Kane in the list of top league scorers, making him one of the main contenders for the golden boot this season. Aguero's versatility, paired with City’s strong midfielders, would give the chance of edging past other contenders for the boot. He won it back in 2015, scoring a total of 26 goals. Many say that Aguero is the best striker Man City has ever had, and this year might be his chance.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14/1

Arsenal doesn't have too many golden boot winners to boast of (except Henry), but Aubameyang could change that. He only recently joined Arsenal, but so far, his stats have been impressive. He is a quality striker, making him one of the top choices among sportsbooks to win the Golden Boot this season. Last season he nabbed ten goals in just 13 games, and had a pretty impressive goal per minute ratio, and also averaged a strike every 105.6 minutes.

Romelu Lukaku 9/1

Lukaku created history this world cup when he became the first Belgian to score four goals at the tournament. He has played a pivotal role in Manchester United's wins so far. Admittedly, last premier league wasn't great for the striker, but the striker has undoubtedly honed his skills since then. He is young and full of potential, and will probably surpass all expectations this year, especially if José Mourinho steps up his game.

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