2022 Proven Strategies To Bet On Draw In Soccer

Proven Strategies To Bet On Draw In Soccer
2022 Proven Strategies To Bet On Draw In Soccer

2022 Proven Strategies To Bet On Draw In Soccer

In sporting events, draw results are frequent in a game of football versus other types of sports such as cricket apart from test cricket formats. Profitable punters making efficient football wagers utilize draw results as part of their overall football betting strategy. Such punters either make a bet on draw results or use draw results in other bets that can help increase a punter’s general profit level. However, compared to wins and losses, teams tend to draw the least number of times while winning or losing a game. While draws play a significant portion in football results, wins and losses play an even more critical role. For example, a punter stands to win the most profit by making a wager in one out of three results (win, draw, loss) versus a bet in one out of two outcomes. While the former is harder to predict, it’s more lucrative than making a wager on one out of two effects. On the other hand, the level of risk increases when a punter includes draw results in the overall bet.

Strategies On Draw Bets

Some of the proven strategies to bet on draw results in soccer include comparing past are the following:

1. Head-to-head Results

Head-to-head results are past results involving the same participating teams and how they fare against each other in all competitions and in that particular competition. Head-to-head results play an essential role when making bet on draw results. If two evenly matched opponents play in frequent draw results, such as Chelsea and Manchester United, then a punter must consider making a wager on a draw. Alternatively, if two teams don’t play in frequent draw results, a punter can still bet on either a win or loss on either team and win a higher profit by including draw results as part of the wager. Important H2H metrics include goals scored, conceded, assists, chances created, expected goals, cards, form, etc.  

2. Frequency Of Draws In a League

Some leagues have a higher frequency of draw results, while others tend to have lesser effects between the teams or clubs in such a league. Punters can compare and evaluate different leagues and the frequency of draws among particular groups. If a specific league plays more draw results than other leagues, a punter can make profitable wagers on draw results of soccer games. Alternatively, if a league plays very few draws, a punter can still include a draw as part of the wager but back either team winning or losing since the probability of a draw result is unlikely.

3. Betting On Cup And Tournament Finals

Wagers on cup and tournament finals can be lucrative for punters making wagers on draw results. Consider teams playing in the semis, quarter-finals, or finals of any game or cup. The top teams match against each other, and the nature of the big event makes both teams play cagey and conservative. Also, looking at past statistics, groups tend to play draw results more frequently in main tournament finals such as the FIFA World Cup.

4. Utilizing Betting Markets

Punters have access to hundreds of soccer betting markets within each league and set of games in soccer. Some betting markets use draw results. Some make wagers directly on draw results, while others seek to avoid including a draw result as a part of the wager. An example of the different types of betting markets that include draw results in soccer include handicap betting, 1x2 betting, etc. The chances that eliminate draw results have Asian handicap betting, draw no bets, FTTS, BTTS, and other betting markets.

5. Betting On Evenly Matched Teams

Betting on evenly matched teams is a profitable strategy to win betting on draw results in soccer. Evenly matched teams tend to occupy similar positions on a League table or play in closely contested games against each other. For example, ManCity and Liverpool have been teams in the Premier League for the last four seasons.


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