Soccer Betting On Draw Strategies

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Soccer Betting On Draw Strategies

Soccer Betting On Draw Strategies

Wagering on a draw seems like a risky way to go about soccer betting. Statistics from previous matches show that teams are more likely to win or lose rather than score the same number of goals. But there are some punters out there who swear by betting on draws, claiming that it brings them the most profits. Indeed, the draw option usually has very high odds. This means high profits if the bet is successful, which isn't always the case. But if you want to be able to bet on draws and make money, read on.


Betting On Draw Strategies

It isn't every day that a match ends in a draw, one team or the other always seems to win. Most major competitions see only around 25% on average. And all other matches end with a victory (about 75% of the time). But betting on draws can be very profitable if you know what you're doing. Here are a couple of strategies to get you started.

1. Do Your Research

While it is true that most leagues see very few matches that end in a draw, not all of them do. There are several leagues in which the matches do end in draws quite often. Example: Greece Football League or the Morocco Botola Pro, where a match has more than a 45% chance of ending in a draw. Certain teams have had the statistical tendency to score the same amount as their competitors. Examples include the Dutch Eredivisie's Roda JC Kerkrade or the German Bundesliga's Hoffenheim.

2. Be Patient

When it comes to betting on draws, it's important to be patient. You need to watch and carefully observe every team's performance before you can place any bets. It's best to wait till half of the season is over before you go making any decisions. If you see that certain teams tended to draw most of their matches during the first half of the season, it's safe to say that they would most likely follow the same patterns for the second half.

3. Try in-play betting

The best way to predict how well a team is going to do is actually to watch them play, and this is what in-play betting offers. Don't get me wrong. A lot can happen in 90 minutes. But lt least you have a clearer idea of how things could potentially go down. In-play soccer betting lets you make a wager while a game is going on. After taking a look at both the team's form and various other factors such as possession rate, pass accuracy, goals, and shots on and off target, etc. And if you believe that they are both performing at an equal level and that the possibility of a daw is high, then go for it and bet on a draw!

4. Lay the draw

If you're unfamiliar with laying an option, it's when you bet against it. You basically wager that it won't happen. Laying the draw may not result in an incredibly large payout, but something is better than nothing, isn't it? It's a safe option most of the time, especially in situations where a win is likely.


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