I’m Losing Streak, What To Do?

Help! I’m Losing Streak, What To Do?
I’m Losing Streak, What To Do?

I’m Losing Streak, What To Do?

Often, punters have a run of several games or predictions where all their results go the same way, as unlikely as it may seem. If a punter’s current run is in a winning streak, the punter has won several wagers in succession. A punter can make a lot of profit on a winning streak since several stakes work in favor of the punter. However, when betting, punters are also susceptible to losing several wagers in a row, called a losing streak. A losing streak can be very demoralizing and demotivating for a punter. A punter stands to lose a significant amount throughout several wagers, and no matter what they do, their strategy, or the bets they make, they can’t win.   If you had a losing streak and did not know what to do, consider what professional punters on a losing streak do. Yes, even professional punters can occasionally end up on a losing streak despite the risk management and safety. However, it’s not about encountering a losing streak but how a punter chooses to deal with a losing streak that can make or break a good bettor.

How To Deal With a Losing Streak?

If a punter is on a losing streak, a punter should consider the following:

Positive Progressive Betting System

A positive, progressive betting system plays on winning and losing streaks to help a punter make more profit or prevent magnifying losses. Punters must increase their wager after a win and decrease their stake after a loss under a positive, progressive betting system. Reducing a stake after a loss ensures that if a punter is on a losing streak, then subsequent losses are of smaller amounts, so the total losses under the losing streak are minimal. A positive, progressive betting system works opposite to a negative advanced betting system where a punter seeks to secure winning by decreasing stakes after wins and making up for losses by increasing stakes after a loss.

Low Increments

If a punter is on a losing streak, then a punter should consider making lower increments, stakes, or wagers by selecting a relatively safe wagering percentage. For example, punters can choose a wagering increment of 0.5% of their entire bankroll on any bet. This risk management strategy helps a punter prevent wagering or staking too much on any single or few sequences of wagers. Low increments take several successive losses for a punter’s entire betting funds to get wiped out. Higher increments mean a punter can potentially win a higher profit or lose most of their funds in a few wagers.

High Probability Outcomes

Punters have the opportunity to make wagers on different types of games, sports, or betting events with various probabilities. Some outcomes are more likely to occur and are easier to predict than others. Results and events that are easier to predict have a low-profit potential and a high probability of winning. Punters should choose events and outcomes with a higher likelihood of winning, even if winning a marginal amount. Wagers on high probability outcomes help punters start winning if they’re on a losing streak.

Making Fewer Wagers

Punters should consider making fewer wagers or avoid making wagers altogether during losing streaks to avoid losing more money. Making fewer wagers during losing streaks can help a punter avoid losing money, as betting on winning lines can help punters make more profit.

Utilizing Tipsters

On losing streaks, punters may be demoralized and unable to make statistically-based wagers. In such cases, punters may make more wagers with their emotions than with analysis which can further exacerbate the losing streak. Punters can utilize the help of tipsters to gain expert advice on a range of games or outcomes before making a wager. A tipster can help guide a punter with expert advice or give a punter insight into profitable bets, which can help a punter get out of a losing streak. Tipsters focus on conducting research, analysis, and metrics so punters can concentrate on making better wagers. Evaluating critical tipster information helps punters select the best tipsters, tipping services, and tips in the long term.


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