Negative Progression Sports Betting Systems

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Negative Progression Sports Betting Systems

Negative Progression Sports Betting Systems

Negative progression sports betting systems are also known as the systems of chasing losses. The basic idea of a negative progression system is to raise your stakes each time you lose a bet. This makes them the opposite of positive progression systems.

Using negative progression systems is a very dangerous trait. It can lead to some disastrous results. This is why you need a large budget and extreme patience to have a chance of success.

The basic idea is that no matter how many times you lose, a win has to come once. When the success does come, due to raising stakes, it will cover all the losses and make a profit. While this sounds appealing, the risk can be enormous, as said previously.

Some of the most popular betting systems in the world are negative progression betting systems. Here are some of them:

  • Labouchere
  • Fibonacci
  • Martingale
  • D’alembert

Martingale System

Martingale system is probably the best example of a negative progression system. The main idea of the martingale betting system is to double your stakes after each loss. In case of a win, revert to your original stake.

This strategy could prove successful short-term. After all, it isn’t hard to imagine that you’ll hit 2.00 odds now and then a few times. However, a single losing streak can ruin your whole budget.

The best would not to get carried away, and only use this tactic with small stakes. You must be perfectly patient. Otherwise, the plan will backfire massively.

It’s unlikely that you can make long-term profits with negative progression systems. Sports betting can be cruel in this aspect. Even though it’s highly recommended to stick to Asian handicaps, some people like to play Martingale with predicting a draw.

For example, you chose Tottenham, and you will bet on them drawing the match each weekday if you started with $5. You’re doubling down each time Tottenham didn’t draw. Last season, Tottenham Hotspurs set the record with 29 straight matches without drawing. This means that if you’ve started with $5, by 16th matchday, you’d be facing the loss of $163,840. Obviously, these streaks are rare, but they can happen, and will eventually happen if you chase Martingale’s in the long-term.

The story is similar with other negative progression systems. The term “gamble responsibly” is never as useful as when thinking of using negative progression systems.

These systems are also heavily used in casinos, especially when gambling on roulette. This is an even worse strategy as it doesn’t involve logic, just pure luck, which will turn on you eventually.

In the end, these negative progression betting systems are not recommended for beginners. These are the systems used by experienced bettors with a large budget. A smaller budget will get burnt easily, while a large budget could lead you to a pitfall.


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