Effective Strategies For 3-Way Handicap Betting In 2024

2024 Proven Strategies For 3-Way Handicap Betting
Effective Strategies For 3-Way Handicap Betting In 2024

Effective Strategies For 3-Way Handicap Betting In 2024

This post explores ways a punter can make 3-way handicap betting work for them. By this, we mean cutting down risk and increasing the potential for profit while using this particular sports betting strategy. Many sports bettors may be conversant with handicaps and the terminology used in these betting strategies. However, it’s not the same for others of beginner or intermediate experience levels. First off, it is to make sure we understand the jargon.

  • 3-way betting is where there are three possible outcomes. Typically, betting on a Home win, Draw, or Away win is called money line betting.

  • A handicap is a hypothetical addition or deduction of points or goals from a team or athlete to create a hypothetical betting scenario separate from reality.

  • 3-way handicap betting, therefore, combines the above two facets. We hypothetically subtract or add goals from a team and attempt to predict who wins or draws in that hypothetical situation.

Here are strategies anyone can use to ensure they reap more profit from 3-way handicap betting.

Research Diligently

Any good sports punter must always properly research the teams and athletes they are betting on. In the case of 3-way handicap betting, it is vital to know the current form of the competing teams. With handicaps, we’re deducting or adding hypothetical goals, so it pays to consider their scoring ability. Research the teams’ recent scoring statistics by looking at the results from the most recent five matches. If you plan to be back on the home side, look specifically at their form. If you plan to support the Away team, investigate their performances on the road. The punter should have a rough idea of how many goals a team might score or concede. This info will inform what kind of 3-way bets to place and if to give negative handicaps or positive handicaps to either team.

Use Handicaps To Find Value

One of the most significant advantages of 3-way betting is that it can help a punter find betting value where it’s nonexistent or minuscule. Value is a foundational concept in sports gambling and all gambling. It involves identifying situations where an event is more likely to happen than what the bookie’s prices would suggest. Value betting leads to profitable gambling.

Using an example of soccer, when favorite teams come up against underdogs, the prices offered for famous team victories are usually very low. But because the favorite teams usually win such contests by a large goal margin, it may get the value by negatively handicapping the favorite team. It means hypothetically deducting goals from that team, which generally allows the punter to get more profitable odds. The critical thing is to profess more sports knowledge than your bookie and therefore be able to single out a prediction that, even in that hypothetical handicapping situation, is more probable than what the bookie thinks.

Angle For The Draw

It’s usually difficult to predict a Draw in 3-way betting correctly. Hence the high odds offered for such forecasts. Most times, punters stay away from the Draw option, but one may be able to leverage handicaps to make correct predictions and enjoy the highly profitable prices offered. Let’s consider a situation where a favorite wins by a margin of three goals. A punter can try for a 3-way handicap Draw by:

  • Handicapping the Favorite by three goals and betting on Draw in a negative way

  • Handicapping the Underdog by three goals and betting on Draw in a positive way

Ultimately, 3-way handicap betting and other strategies allow the punter to challenge themselves, challenge the bookie, and have more fun gambling overall. There’s also the potential for big wins, ultimately leading to a highly profitable sports betting business.



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