Bundesliga Top 4 Team Prediction

Germany Bundesliga Top 4 Team Prediction
Bundesliga Top 4 Team Prediction

Bundesliga Top 4 Team Prediction

Bayern Munich

This season Bayern Munich will most likely be winning their seventh straight Bundesliga title. They won by a massive margin last season, picking up 84 points along the way. The closest team to Bayern Munich was Schalke, who were more than 20 points behind the German Giants. Out of their 34 matches, they lost only 4.

Apart from a history of dominating the tournament, they have an immensely strong team. For starters. They have Robert Lewandowski, who for the past five years was the top scorer three times, and came in as the runner-up for the other two. They also have Leon Gretzky, Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich and James Rodríguez, making Bayern Munich a top pick.

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund didn’t have the greatest season last Bundesliga. They placed 4th by the skin of their teeth, but they may be able to do better this year since they’ve substantially improved their squad as a result of making some great signings in during the transfer window. They brought in Axel Witsel, Abdou Diallo, and Thomas Delaney, all very talented players.

RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig has been surprising everyone by how well they’ve been doing this season. So far, they’ve managed to snag a place in the top 4, which is very good for them, considering the fact that this is only their third season in the Bundesliga. In 2016 – 17, they placed 2nd, only 15 points behind Bayern. Admittedly they struggled a little last season, and they lost one of their key players, Naby Keita, to Liverpool. But expectations are high this time, especially with the likes of Timo Werner, Emil Forsberg and new signings Mateus Cunha and Marcelo Sorachi.

Bayer Leverkusen

Bayer Leverkusen just missed out on top 4 last season, but boy, was it close. They have a total of 55 points, the exact same as Borussia Dortmund and Hoffenheim, but did not qualify for the Champions League, due to goal difference. This time, however, might be different. Leverkusen kept their strongest players - Julian Brandt, Kai Havertz, and Leon Bailey, and also brought in some very talented ones, like Brazilian midfielder Paulinho.

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