Bundesliga Top Scorer Predictions With Betting Odds

Bundesliga Top Scorer Predictions With Odds
Bundesliga Top Scorer Predictions With Betting Odds

Bundesliga Top Scorer Predictions With Betting Odds

The Bundesliga, the biggest German Football tournament till date, boasts of some incredibly talented players. But who will be the top scorer this year?

Robert Lewandowski as top scorer at odds 4/7

Very few players strike fear in the hearts of opponents as much as Robert Lewandowski. Realistically speaking, as one of the best strikers in the world right now, Robert Lewandowski has the highest chance of coming out on top this season. Over his last five seasons, he has bagged the top scorer award three times. In 2016 – 17, he lost out on the title to Dortmund's Aubameyang by just one goal.

As the current holder of the title, with 29 goals in 30 matches, almost double the number of Nils Peterson, who placed second with 15 goals, some bookmakers firmly believe that Robert Lewandowski will be able to do it again.

Timo Werner as top scorer at odds 6/1

Another strong contender for the cannon shaped trophy is none other than RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner. Last season wasn’t great for the German striker, coming in 4th on the list, with just 13 goals, but considering his World Cup performance, Werner stands a chance at winning the Torjägerkanone.

Allison Plea as top scorer at odds 16/1

The striker had his debut in the Bundesliga this season, and it was a terrific start. In his first seven matches, the Frenchman has managed five goals. He is s skilled forward, as he has demonstrated back at Nice last season. If he maintains his current form through the rest of the league, he can surely add a lot more goals to his current total.

Marco Reus as top scorer at odds 20/1

Reus recently scored his 100th goal playing for Dortmund this September. One disadvantage the Germany International does face is his proclivity for injury. As club captain, Reus is a prolific forward - technically skills, versatile and quick on his feet.

Vedad Ibisevic as top scorer at odds 25/1

Age might be catching up to Ibisevic, but he also has the experience and skills of a top quality forward, which is why he is quite high on bookmaker’s lists for the Torjägerkanone. He had a pivotal role to play in Hertha Berlin’s victory over Bayern, as well as Gladbach. With four goals and one assist in his first seven matches, Bosnia-Herzegovina international is doing great.

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