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Oeste Futebol Clube Reviews

Oeste Futebol Clube Reviews

One of them used to support Flemingo while the other one used to help Fluminense. A training match arranged by the municipality was supposed to decide whether the club would be named as Flemingo or Fluminense. If the club performed victoriously, it would be called as Flemingo while if it lost it would be called as Fluminense.

Though the club played victoriously and bet their opponents yet, they adopted the name of Oeste Futebol Clube while the colors of Flemingo were chosen.

Symbol- The Oeste Futebol Clube's fetich is a jaguar; the jaguar was named after the City's main river that was 'Once river,' and 'Once' is the Portuguese meaning of jaguar. This is the main reason behind most of this club.

Estadio Municipal Dos Amaros has been the home stadium for Oeste football club. This stadium has the maximum capacity of 6000 people. But in 2016, they played their home games at Prefeito Jose Liberati, which is located in Osasco.

This stadium has a maximum capacity of approx 17,000 people. And from 2017 onward they start playing at Arena BarueriSitauater at Barueri.

Achievements- The significant achievements of these clubs are:

  • Campeonato Brasileiro series C - First winner in 2012
  • Campeonato PaulistaDointerior - First winner in 2011
  • Campeonato PaulistaSeries A2 - First winner in 2013 and runner up in 2008 and 2018
  • Campeonato Paulista Series A3- winner (2) in 1992 and 2002 and runner ups in 1999
  • Campeonato PaulistaSegundaDivisao - First winner in 1998
  • Campeonato Paulista Series B2 - First winner in 1997

More about the Club - It competed for the first time in Campeonato Paulista Serie A1 in the year 2004. It has also won the series of A2 in the last season. The club returned to the A1 series by 2009 it was defeated by Santo Andre in the A2 series finals held in 2008. Oeste finally won the C series of 2012 and had defeated ICASA in the finals.

In 2016, they had subsequently undergone a partnership with Gremio Osasco Audax, Campeonato Paulista 2016 A1 runners-up for the 2016 series B where players were mixed from both the teams in one squad and home games were played in Audax Stadium Osasco.

In 2017, Oeste was shifted to the City of Buren after the Estádio Municipal Dos Amaros; it also could not host series B matches due to some restrictions. The owners of the stadium were unable to reach a specific agreement with the club.

The allegory of the club is a Jaguar it has been named so after one of the principal rivers of the city 'Rio da Once' the word Once is a Portuguese translation for the word Jaguar. The home stadium for this Brazilian football team, the Estadio Municipal dos Amaros, is having the maximum capacity of six thousand people. In the year 2016, the team played their home games at Prefieto Jose Liberatti located in Osasco.


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