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Total Goals Betting Strategies

Total Goals Betting Strategies

Goals are everything in football. Goals scored to determine who wins a match. It also determines who wins at the end of a season or tournament. Therefore, the excitement, agony, despair and other emotions associated with this beautiful game are a result of goals. Even the bookmakers understand the importance of goals.

Hence, the total goals betting market exists.

The total goals betting market is one of the most common options bettors can find at any sports bookie. In fact, it is an excellent alternative to the traditional match outcome market. As expected, this market has a lot of variations with its rules each.


Over/Under Total Goals

It is the most common of the variations. To win, we have to predict whether the total goals scored by both teams in the match will be over or under a given number. The numbers appear in half a goal format (1.5, 2.5, and 3.5) which means there is no chance of a draw. Backing over 2.5, we win if the match’s total goals are three or more. Similarly, backing under 2.5 means we win when the overall goals scored are two or less.


Number of Goals Bracket

Predicting the exact range of the total number of goals is this variation’s uniqueness. To win, the total goals scored in the match must fall into the range back. For example, we have a game between Rangers and Celtic in the Scottish Premiership. The range of goals offered by bookmakers is 0-2, 1-3, 2-4, 5+.

Backing 0-2, the wager wins if the total goals scored are within 2.


Exact Number of Goals

The market is trickier and more challenging to predict than the others. The exact number of goals scored in a match is under review. So, its prediction difficulty accounts for the huge odds associated with it.


Total Goals by Team

Individual team goals are the main focus. We have to predict the total goals of a particular team only, no matter how many the other team scores. This market can be in the over/under mode, exact number mode or brackets mode.


Total Goals by half

The market comes in the half goal format and over/under mode. We predict how many goals scored per half (first half goals or second-half goals).

It is worth noting that the total goals betting market can be lucrative and easy for bettors but also treacherous. Some form of strategy application can be useful in forecasting. The best strategies should be based on mathematical and statistical analysis covering a wider range of team activities.


The winning margin/loss margin strategy

The win margin/loss margin strategy is a good analysis of team behavior in winning and losing positions. It can cover the percentage range of winning margins and losing margins. It also takes care of statistically how many goals a team scores at home or on the road. It offers an insight into how a team will set up to play in different positions. This makes for ease in making informed wagers.

Concluding, just like every other strategy out there, they all are always subject to review and will not work all the time. They only create trends that give the user an informed edge over the average bettor.

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