Six (6) Proven Total Goals Betting Strategies For 2022

Six Proven Total Goals Betting Strategies For 2022
Six (6) Proven Total Goals Betting Strategies For 2022

Six (6) Proven Total Goals Betting Strategies For 2022

Betting strategies are step-by-step methods established by successful punters, researchers, mathematicians, academics, statisticians, and analysts. Strategies are repeatable under similar circumstances and expected to produce similar results. However, some strategies are easy to implement, while others take time to implement efficiently. As punters progress from novices to intermediates to experts, they adopt more complicated betting strategies. Total goals betting strategies also range from intermediate to complex betting strategies in football. For example, if Chelsea scores the first goal after the 70th minute of the game, they win 95% of their games this season. A punter can utilize this to frame a betting strategy based on goals scored or the outcome of the game based on this strategy and expect to be right almost 95% of the time.

Total Goals Betting Strategies

Some of the top proven total goals betting strategies utilized by punters in 2022 include the total scorer market, the over and under betting market, the scoreline betting market, alternative goal betting strategies, handicap betting, and the golden boot winner.

1. Goal Scorer Market

The goal scorer market is a wager on a player to score a goal at any point in a given game. In a team of 11 players with three possible substitutes, each player has a 1/14 chance of scoring a plan for a unit. However, some players are less likely to achieve goals as keepers, and some defenders and other players are more likely to score goals such as attacking midfielders and forwards. Alternatively, a punter can also make a wager for a team or player scoring during a specific time during the game, such as the first half, first quarter, last 10 minutes, etc.

2. Over/Under Betting Market

The market is a wager that the total number of goals scored will be over or under a specific number. The over/under market is usually listed in decimals or half goals, even though teams don’t achieve half a goal in football. A player doesn’t need to guess the exact scoreline as in other betting strategies, but a punter needs to ascertain if the total goals scored by a team or in a game will be higher or lower than a specific score. The over/under market eliminates draw results in football since a team can only score above or below the expected prediction.

3. Scoreline Betting

Scoreline betting is making a wager on the exact scoreline of a game at the end of 90-minutes of play. The scoreline betting market is one of the most complex betting markets in football because a punter needs to consider how many goals both teams could score and not just a single group. Most punters spot games that have the potential for ending in a nil-nil draw and make a scoreline wager on that game. While scoreline betting is a challenging market to predict, punters that have a knack for it can expect to make extensive profits on accurate predictions.

4. Alternative Goals Betting Strategies

FTTS and BTTS are alternative betting strategies based on goals scored. The first team to achieve is a wager on the first team to score a goal in a game. The total goals at the end don’t matter as long as the team scores and scores first. Both teams scoring is another betting market where the sequence of the teams’ scoring doesn’t matter. However, for the BTTS wager to pay off, both teams playing in the event need to score at least one goal each.

5. Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is betting on an event after one team (usually the weaker team) is given an advantage such as +2 or +3 goals, and it gives the stronger team a handicap such as -2.5 goals. The handicap betting market has the possibility of eliminating draw results and making games between unequal opponents closer.  

6. Golden Boot Winner

The golden boot winner is a wager on a player to score the most goals in a particular cup or tournament. The World Cup features the golden boot award, the Champions League, the Premier League, and several other popular cups and matches.



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